For further information please contact Tracy Bailey Marketing Manager.


Fresh Fruit Arrangements are making a splash in North America. People are choosing our bouquets for Holidays, centerpieces, sympathy arrangements, birthday's, parties, celebrations and more. Consumer trends indicate that healthy eating is on the rise and we will continue to see this growth in years to come. Fresh Fruit Arrangements are quickly becoming the 'Future of Flowers'.

How Our Experience Can Work for You

After 15 years in the Floral and Gift Giving Industry our creators and owners can assist you with a proven recipe for success. You can feel confident knowing you have our experience, knowledge and support behind you every step of the way. Be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

We also teach you how to create the most in demand products; as well as how to market these products effectively, which is the key to long term success in every business. This support is continued throughout the lifetime of your store, not only for marketing but in every aspect of business ownership.

Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements© Story

With the growing trend of healthy eating and convenience Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements© blossomed. The owner and founders were noticing a trend in their own flower shops that more and more people were looking for an alternative to flowers. Hospitals and many offices were all becoming scent free zones, therefore restricting flower deliveries. Also, customers were seeking out more practical gift giving ideas. With some research the owners soon found that Fresh Fruit Arrangements were one of the fastest growing trends in North America.


Our training program is a 3 to 5 day training program for you and your entire staff. All training material, fruit and supplies are provided by Blossoms. In addition to our on-site training we provide you with continued phone and email support. We also provide training manuals for training of any future staff members. Training is comprehensive and will cover all aspects of owning your shop. The following are the areas we cover in your training.

  • Review of Location, Set up and Supplies
  • Health Inspection Preparation
  • Base and Garnish (greening in)
  • Fruit: How to Select - Store - Prepare
  • Chocolate: Preparation - Dipping - Rolling - Swirls
  • Container Selection
  • Review of all Arrangements and Contents
  • Taking Orders and Special Requests
  • Wrapping, Storing and Transporting Arrangements
  • Creating Veggie Arrangements
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Securing Corporate Clients
  • FAQ of Clientele
  • How to use the Website and ordering

Marketing Support

Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements© will provide you with access to professional consumer marketing materials, as well as guidelines to implement a successful marketing campaign. We provide professionally designed brochures and advertisements you will need to market your store. We provide you with up to date bouquets during the seasons. You will receive new posters and Point Of Sale materials with the new bouquet for that month.

For further information please contact Tracy Bailey, Marketing Manager.