Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements™ Training Program

Interested in expanding your business into the unique, exciting, growing market place of fresh fruit and vegetable arrangements? Offer your customers a healthy alternative and a unique gift suitable for people of all ages, young and old, and for every occasion. Set yourself apart from the competition with Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements™.

Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements™ is offering energetic business owners the opportunity to expand their business into this exciting market by teaching you to create these unique, beautiful, healthy and delicious arrangements that will catch everyone's eye and leave your customers talking.

Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements™ will train you in areas of the fresh fruit and veggie arrangements business that are not offered anywhere else.

There are currently 2 classes, geared towards those ready to expand their existing business, and those interested in starting a Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangement™ store of their own.

Expanding Business Owner

This class is a 3 day class and geared toward individuals looking to expand Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements™into their existing business. This 3 day training class provides you with hands on training in the creation of all Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements™ printed training material to train your future staff, printed guideline materials, and recipes book for all Blossoms' arrangements.

New Business Owner

This class is a 5 day class, and geared toward individuals looking to start their own Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements™ store in the near future. Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements™ provides this 5 day training program with training in the following areas.

  • Base and Garnish
  • Fruit Selection, Storage and Preparation
  • Chocolate Preparation, Dipping, Rolling and Swirls
  • Container Selection
  • Base Preparation
  • Review of ALL Blossoms Fruit Arrangements
  • Taking Orders and Special Requests
  • Creating Various Arrangements of All Size (HANDS ON)
  • Wrapping, Storage and Transporting
  • Veggie Selection, Storage and Preparation
  • Creating Various Veggie Arrangements of All Sizes (HANDS ON)
  • Review of ALL Blossoms Veggie Arrangements
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Securing Corporate Clients
  • Add On Menu Suggestions
  • FAQ of Clientele
  • Handling Holidays
  • How to Use the Website and Online Ordering System
  • Review
** Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements™ supplies all produce chocolates, molds, condiments, containers and packaging for training purposes.

These beautiful arrangements make ideal corporate and personal gifts. People are now choosing fresh fruit and veggie arrangements to say thank you, and get well or to recognize and celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and many other important events in their lives, or simply to say I love you.

These bouquets offer a creative addition to your current business, and make a very successful business on their own.

Unlike a franchise or other opportunities of this nature, with Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements™ you are not required to adhere to any specific product designs, we allow you to customize the arrangements offered in your store to suit your client's needs and budget. There are no franchise fees for those wishing to start their own Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements™ store or expand your existing business. There are no mandatory systems or suppliers to use, or specific location requirements. Your business, your say!

If you are interested in learning more about these beautiful arrangements and our training program please contact Michelle McCutcheon, Chief Executive Officer.